Empowering Your Every Day

Meet Ava, software designed to improve your daily life, because we believe that a disability should not define one’s abilities.


What is Ava?


Ava is hands-free computer access software in virtual reality (VR). Ava runs on the Oculus Go, an affordable and untethered VR headset. With Ava you get:

  • Private computer access that includes a web browser, text editor, and text messaging

  • Intuitive software designed from the ground up to be controlled entirely through head movement

  • Voice dictation available to allow faster typing

  • Individualize the software on the fly with settings such as dwell time, keyboard selection, cursor sensitivity, virtual environment, and more

  • Mini-games specifically designed for head control

  • Different virtual environments in which to work and relax

  • New exciting features released via software updates


How Ava Works


What is needed?

head movement.png

Head Movement

In order to use Ava, you’ll need to be able to bend your head forward and backwards, as well as rotate to the left and right. For those with limited range of motion, Ava allows you to customize the cursor sensitivity to accommodate reduced head movement.

cell phone.png


A smartphone will allow you to get started with the Oculus Go, download device updates, and allow you to share your screeen with your friends and caregiver.



You might want a caregiver or friend to help you put on and take off the Oculus Go headset. While using Ava, one click notifies a caregiver/friend anytime you’d like to take a break. Notifications are sent via text or email, your choice.


Pre-orders are Now Available!


Ava pre-orders are now available and allow users to get steep discounts before Ava is officially released in May 2019. Pre-orders are fully refundable up until product shipment. We will send you a shipping confirmation approximately a week before shipment to verify your delivery details. See terms and policies.

Yearly Ava Subscription
199.00 299.00

One year subscription to Ava software with all the updates.

No headset is included with this option. You can bring your own Oculus Go, purchase one from a retailer like Amazon or Best Buy, or contact us to purchase one and we’ll ship it to your door.

Signature Package
399.00 599.00

Our Signature Package includes the Oculus Go 32GB headset and a one year subscription for of Ava software with free software upgrades, shipped to your door and ready to go out of the box.

Founder's Package
799.00 1,199.00

Purchase the complete package: an Oculus Go 32GB VR headset and an Ava software subscription for the life of the device.

*Free Ava software upgrades are included for the life of the Oculus Go headset.