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  • Quick Start

    How to quickly setup Eyeflite Ava and get started with a new user.

  • Screen Sharing

    How to use Wifi to stream what you see in VR in the headset to a mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions


What types of disabilities does Ava work with?

Our product can help those with spinal cord injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, and Carpal Tunnel problems.



What hardware do I need to use Ava?

You just need a smartphone and an Oculus Go. You can get the Oculus Go from us preinstalled with Ava and a 1-year or lifetime software license. You can also get an Oculus Go from most electronics retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.



When will Ava be released?

We are currently running beta tests which you can apply for here. We will be releasing Ava to the public in May 2019.



How does it work?

Ava uses head-tracking and a dwell timer to navigate. You control the cursor with your head movements. When you look at something you want to interact with, like a button, and keep your cursor on the button for a short amount of time, the software clicks the button. Ava also includes a speech to text assistant that will turn your speech into text for text messages, emails, notes, and more.



What can I customize in Ava?

You can change the cursor sensitivity to allow for your range of neck/head mobility, the dwell time, your keyboard style (alphabetical, qwerty, etc.), your virtual environment, and more!



What can I do with Ava?

You can easily communicate with friends and family via text messages, play games, write notes, homework papers or work reports, and surf the web all using your head and voice.



What do you mean when you say Ava offers privacy for the first time?

Only you can see what you're doing in Ava - there's nothing mounted to your chair. You have the privacy to write, browse and play what you like in the Oculus.



How do I show others what I’m doing in Ava?

You can share your screen with anyone that has the Oculus app installed on their phone. In the Oculus home screen, go to the sharing tab on the Oculus navigation bar and hit screen cast, then open Ava. On the mobile phone, tap the push notification supplied by Oculus to start screen sharing. The Oculus Go and the mobile phone have to be on the same wifi network for screen sharing to work.



I already have an Oculus Go, how can I use Ava?

You can purchase a yearly software subscription from our website, and we will send you an email on how to get started!



I have Ava installed, how do I start it?

After putting on the headset, (or having your caregiver put it on you) you can simply say "Hey Oculus, open Ava" and Ava will start. Otherwise you or your caregiver can use the Oculus Go remote controller to go to your apps library and click on the Ava app to open it.



Does Ava require calibration?

No calibration is required.



How does the lifetime license work?

You get to use Ava, with all software updates included, for the lifetime of the device that was purchased from Eyeflite.



Will I get updates, and what will be included in them?

Yes, all of our payment plan includes updates to Ava. We plan on adding extra games, improved web browser functions, many different entertainment options, and more!



Will my insurance pay for Ava?

Ava is not yet available with any insurance providers, but we're working on it!



What is Virtual Reality (VR) sickness and will I get it?

VR sickness is a nauseous feeling similar to motion sickness that some people experience when using VR headsets. It is caused by your eyes perceiving movement in the virtual environment while your body is not actually experiencing movement. It is highly unlikely that one will experience VR sickness with Ava because our environments don’t move or shift around you. It’s best to be in a seating position when using Ava.



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