Private, Hands-free Computer Access in Virtual Reality

Launch Date Announced! Pre-Order now for Last Chance savings.


Tentative Launch Date!  Tuesday, May 28th

Thanks for your patience loyal fans! We had initially planned for our software release for Friday the 17th, but we’re currently working out approval delays with the Oculus Team. Our Ava software has been sent to Oculus for review, and they are unable to provide a firm approval date as of this time. 

We are tentatively planning for Tuesday May 28th, but this date may slightly change if we have not received the green light from Oculus by early next week. Thanks again for your support while we work to get our software ready for launch. 


Eyeflite Ava Software

Your Accessible Virtual Assistant

  • Hands-free computer access

  • Head tracking provides complete control

  • Voice dictation allows faster typing

  • Easy setup - start using in minutes

  • No gaze calibration, no wires, no mounts

  • Complete privacy

  • Games built for head-tracking

  • Quickly and easily alert a caregiver to remove the device via text message or email


Write Emails & Texts

Use head-tracking or voice dictation to respond to a friend's text message, write business emails, or do your homework hands-free.


Surf the Internet

Browse the internet, check social media, catch up on the news, watch videos, and more with the web browser.


Play Games & Relax

Choose the virtual environment that you enjoy the most and play a variety of games specifically created for head tracking.


At Eyeflite, We Believe Assistive Technology Should Be

  • Easy to setup and use

  • Easy to individualize

  • Affordable for all

  • Fun and innovative


Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make technology and communication more accessible and affordable for everyone because we believe that a disability should not define one’s abilities.


Affordable Technology

Assistive technology can be frustrating to use, expensive, and out of date. We think that’s bogus.

Ava is virtual reality software for the Oculus Go that allows a user to perform a variety of tasks hands-free. Ava is affordable and designed with your experience in mind.

The Oculus Go is a standalone device, so it does not require a computer. It is also extremely affordable and comfortable.