Accessible, Hands-free Gaming

& Computer Access in Virtual Reality


Introducing Eyeflite Ava Entertainment

Due to early user feedback, we’re introducing a new, more affordable way to enjoy Eyeflite Ava: the Entertainment Package!

With Eyeflite Ava Entertainment, you get all the fun, recreational features of Ava at a lower price: the web browser, YouTube portal, and a few hands-free games! All newly developed Entertainment features and updates are included as well.

To access all of the features of Eyeflite Ava, the Ultimate Package includes all features and games. And you will always get the new features and updates delivered to you via WiFi, free of charge.


Eyeflite Ava VR Software

Your Accessible Virtual Assistant in Virtual Reality

  • Hands-free computer access

  • Head tracking provides complete control

  • Voice dictation allows faster typing

  • Easy setup - start using in minutes

  • No gaze calibration, no wires, no mounts

  • Complete privacy

  • Games built for head-tracking

  • Quickly and easily alert a caregiver to remove the device via text message or email


Write Text Messages

Use head-tracking or voice dictation to respond to a friend's text message, write business emails, or do your homework hands-free.


Surf the Internet

Browse the internet, check social media, catch up on the news, watch videos, and more with the web browser.


Play Games & Relax in VR

Choose the virtual environment that you enjoy the most and play a variety of games specifically created for head tracking.


At Eyeflite, We Believe Assistive Technology Should Be

  • Easy to setup and use

  • Easy to individualize

  • Affordable for all

  • Fun and innovative


Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make technology and communication more accessible and affordable for everyone because we believe that a disability should not define one’s abilities.


Affordable Technology

Assistive technology can be frustrating to use, expensive, and out of date. We think that’s bogus.

Ava is virtual reality software for the Oculus Go that allows a user to perform a variety of tasks hands-free. Ava is affordable and designed with your experience in mind.

The Oculus Go is a standalone device, so it does not require a computer. It is also extremely affordable and comfortable.